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Under the patronage of H. H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum

President, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority; Chairman & CEO, Emirates; Chairman, Dubai Airports.

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The Maritime Standard Awards Guest Directory and Seating plan is very valuable to every person attending the awards and is handed over to every attendee as soon as they arrive. It contains the names of the companies attending the Awards, table number allocated to each company, names of attendees and the seating plan to easily reach out and network. Being a most sought after handbook, it is a perfect opportunity for your brand to be present via an exclusive sponsorship.


The Maritime Standard Awards Programme booklet is very helpful to every guest attending the
awards ceremony. It informs the guests of the schedule for the evening, the timing of each event,
and important details they should be aware of. It provides a unique opportunity to present your
brand in the hands of ever attendee.


A catalogue of the Awards night, with comprehensive coverage of the sponsors, award categories,
finalists & winners of The Maritime Standard Awards. This catalogue is received by every attendee. It
is a souvenir prized by the Awards Sponsors, Finalists and Winners which they circulate to their
clients too. A digital version of the same is also placed on TMS Awards website. Sponsorship of the
Winners’ Brochure compliments your successful brand.


All companies who have made nominations for The Maritime Standard Awards may place a full-page
advertisement within the Winners Catalogue. This A4 sized souvenir is received by every attendee
and is prized by the Awards Sponsors, Finalists and Winners which they circulate to their clients too.
A digital version of the same is also placed on TMS Awards website. Space is limited so requests will
be on a first come first served basis. Artwork to be provided by the advertiser.


Following the red carpet arrivals, TMS Awards sponsors, finalists, nominees, attendees and guests enjoy a Pre-dinner Cocktail Reception. The Cocktail Reception kicks off the evening and is a hugely popular social and networking occasion that traditionally has a high attendance. Exclusive sponsorship is available, with company name associated with the opportunity, i.e. TMS Awards Cocktail Reception – sponsored by…


The sponsor’s logo will appear on specially designed bottle wine collars attached to every
bottle of wine served throughout dinner. Every table will be set up with red and white wines,
a collar or label will be placed on each bottle of wine showcasing your brand and
acknowledging your sponsorship.


There is always time for celebrations! Celebratory drinks after the Awards provide an opportunity to finalists and winners to rejoice and revel in their achievements along with attendees, well-wishers and guests. Sponsorship of the Celebratory Drinks offers brand association with triumph and jubilation.


Build increased brand recognition, visibility and awareness at the most high profile, well attended and best-loved event in the maritime industry. Sponsoring Valet Parking puts your brand in the driver’s seat with the most prestigious and influential set of decision makers in the shipping industry.


Put the spotlight on your business by becoming the Red-Carpet Sponsor at The Maritime Standard
Awards. Make a splash with your company logo featured at the entrance to the event, at the Red
Carpet. All attendees, elegantly dressed in black tie or national dress, walk the red carpet and our
special Red-Carpet team professionally photograph guests in true celebrity fashion. These are
included in the Awards social media campaign.


Charge-Running out of smart phone battery, or lack of high-speed internet access at an event, can
be a virtual catastrophe for attendees. They can’t share on social media, interact with their friends,
check in or in some cases arrange transport to get home. Branded charging stations offer a beacon
of hope, and the sponsor will definitely be remembered as the saviour once the event is over..


Connect- Become the connectivity provider throughout the event. Associate your brand with
wireless internet capability for all attendees. Your corporate name will appear on wireless network
username or password. A Wi-Fi sponsor provides internet access at the event to give attendees a
great experience and takes all the credit.


The sponsor of the Multimedia presentation which runs throughout the Awards Ceremony gets a
front and centre branding opportunity. The logo of the sponsor will appear on each slide of the
presentation. This is a very important platform and position. All eyes will be glued to the
presentation during the Awards Ceremony, hence the subsequent high level of visibility and


A team of professional photographers and videographers capture the evening’s proceedings, here is
your opportunity to sponsor celebratory photos and videos. In addition, the photo and video gallery
on the event website will also showcase the sponsor’s logo. Emails to all the attendees carrying the
links to the galleries will also display the sponsor’s logo.


The sponsor’s logo will be displayed on personalised passes which will be sent out electronically to
all preregistered attendees to the event. These tickets must be printed or carried digitally to the
Awards gala dinner by every attendee to get entry access to the event. Hence the logo on the pass
will be in the hands of every attendee.


Entertainment evokes laughter, happiness, gasps of pleasant surprise and other positive emotions that are amiable in association. What we see and experience while we are in that optimistic state triggers an automatic correlation to the sponsor and that’s how your brand name will be remembered. The image the entertainment sponsor converts is a very positive one.


All guests must register at the welcome desk for admission to the event. The sponsor’s logo will be prominently displayed at the welcome desks set up to assist guests’ registration and entry.

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