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The 11th Annual Maritime Standard Awards will take place on the 6th of November 2024, where we will host some of the most influential innovators and corporate executives from the maritime industry from across the region. When you sponsor an award, you will be able to leverage on the outstanding visibility, recognition, and value the event provides.

Why Sponsor?

The Awards present sponsors with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to recognising and supporting excellence and innovation throughout the industry. Sponsoring an award category will enable your organisation to align itself with the values and philosophies of The Maritime Standard Awards, while showcasing your corporate identity, services and products. Sponsorship will further raise your organisation’s profile and enhance your credibility with prospective clients, customers and industry peers. In short The Maritime Standard Awards sponsorship provides your company with the ideal means to reach its target clientele./span>

Benefits of Sponsoring the TMS Awards

1. Increase brand visibility – When you sponsor the TMS Awards, you get to reach many more people than just those who attend on the day. Our event is promoted over many months across a range of communications channels, including email, direct marketing and social media, as part of an integrated marketing plan. As a sponsor, your name and logo will be used during these outreach campaigns maximising brand visibility.

2. Targeted marketing – The Awards have a high-quality audience of top-level executives, which sponsors get a unique opportunity to connect with. Sponsors can engage one-on-one with key decision makers relevant to their business. This is an opportunity to get right in front of your target market and reach numerous people who are interested in your products and services.

3. Benefits of early sponsorship – Your brand will be seen throughout the TMS Awards event and sponsorship will make it easier for attendees that are keen to learn more about your business to come and find you. Sponsors will of course benefit from brand recognition at the event itself, but most of the brand exposure happens beforehand, as the event is being marketed. So, get more ‘bang for your buck’ by taking advantage of long lead-time marketing by securing a sponsorship opportunity early on.

4. Consumer perception – Customers will form a positive opinion of your business when it is linked to TMS Awards, which is a very high-profile, prestigious event. The association with The Maritime Standard will enhance your business reputation and improve the way you are perceived by your target audience.

5. Generate strong business leads – Attending in person as a sponsor gives you a privileged chance to learn more about actual and potential customers and promote your products and services to them. Sponsoring the TMS Awards is a great way to generate quality leads because the event is attended by high level decision makers in relevant market sectors. Being an event sponsor also focuses a spotlight on you and your businesses, making it easier for opportunities to find you.

6. Social media strategy – By connecting with The Maritime Standard on social media, sponsors can very easily find relevant audiences to target. When attendees share photos, quotes, videos, and blogs, you get exposure to much larger networks. User-generated content is proven to have a greater impact on customers.

7. Business relationships – The TMS Awards is a great place to find suitable businesses that you can collaborate with, in the future. The benefits of sponsorship are almost endless if you put in the effort to forge long-term connections.

8. Positive publicity – The TMS Awards generates a huge amount of publicity both locally and internationally. This is true not just in the days around the event, but in the months leading up to it, and afterwards. Sponsorship can help you generate a level of media coverage that might otherwise not have been available or would be extremely expensive if it were to be purchased.

9. Differentiating from competitors – The act of sponsoring The TMS Awards through an exclusive sponsorship is a significant way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Quite simply through being a sponsor at the Awards your name will stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

An Array of Advantages for TMS Awards Sponsors

An Award sponsorship represents incredible value for your company. It will enable you to capitalise on The Maritime Standard brand, its independence, its renowned ability to bring together the region’s top executives and its organisational strengths, while enabling you to focus on your communications and marketing objectives for the event.

Award Sponsorship benefits include:

Brand visibility in all pre-event promotional, advertising and marketing materials – As a sponsor, your company name and logo will be used during the Awards’ outreach campaigns,maximising brand exposure.

Company logo and profile on TMS Awards website – As the sponsor of an Award, your company logo will be carried on every page of the website with a hyperlink to your company website. Your company profile will also be carried on the website.

Branding at the pre-dinner reception area – Your logo will be easily recognised and seen on event signage displayed prominently in the pre-dinner reception area.

Sponsor’s page in the official winners souvenircatalogue – A full page A4 full colour advertisement with your company profile will be carried in the winners souvenir catalogue.

Visual branding at the Awards ceremony – The sponsor’s logo will be displayed during the presentation of the sponsored Award category. The logo will also be played on AV loops at the beginning, during dinner time and at the end of the Awards ceremony.

Awards presentation – There will be anopportunity for the sponsor’s representative to take centre stage at the Awards ceremony and to present the sponsored Award to the winner.

On-stage promotion – Sponsors will be acknowledged by the Master of Ceremonies during the Awards presentations.

A complimentary sponsor’s table – Sponsors are entitled to a table of ten seats at the Awards Gala Dinner in the premium area designated for sponsors only. You can use this opportunity to invite VIP clients or potential business partners. You also have the option to purchase an additional table or seats at a 15% discount. The Awards Gala Dinner table for 10 covers acocktail reception and a four course meal with coffee and petits fours.

Signage on the sponsor’s table – The sponsor’slogo will be prominently displayed on the sponsor’s table at the Awards Gala Dinner.

PR and social media coverage – Positive publicity will be generated with the sponsor’s name included in pre-event and post- event press releases and social media coverage, including photos, videos and other media.

A4 full page advertisement will be provided by the sponsor.
Sponsor’s profile on website – maximum 200 words
Sponsor’s profile on the winners souvenir catalogue- maximum 200 words

Become a Sponsor

To sponsor one of the coveted awards fill in the Sponsorship query form or email us at sponsorship@tmsawards.com

We’ve also got other bespoke sponsorship packages. Click here to find out more about the options we offer

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